Articles and interviews about NVC

'What I want in my life is compassion, a flow between myself and others based on mutual giving.'

      -  Marshall Rosenberg



We value the further understanding and insights these reference articles and writings offer and share them here in case you too find them useful. Each item is written by a local journalist or relates specifically to Australia and/or the neighbouring regions.

Interviews with Marshall Rosenberg

An interview with Marshall Rosenberg on ABC's Radio National
Following the riots in Redfern in 2004

An interview with Marshall Rosenberg
From the Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre, Sydney

No Argument about Fairplay
by Lollie Barr, Sunday Telegraph Feb 3 2008
An interview with certified trainers Shari Macree and Dorset Campbell-Ross

The Heart of Parenting - Nonviolent Communication in Action
by Marion Badenoch Rose PhD, Byron Child Magazine 2004
Marion explains how NVC helps with parenting.

Connecting with Compassion
by Dorset Campbell-Ross, Byron Shire Echo Mar 11 2003,
Dorset reflects on how NVC helped with his experience as a volunteer at the Sangla Hospital following the Bali bomb in 2002, and as the mediator of a conflict between a group of African refugees and a group of Irish volunteers in Ireland.